I wrote the following articles for Education Today, the school principals’ magazine, a publication that reaches school leaders Australia wide.

upward bullying dog eat dog
a chance to bully the big dog

Upward Bullying in education; the current situation

While workplace bullying has gained worldwide recognition and is known to contribute to a toxic work environment, most attention is paid to downward bullying and to a much lesser extent, horizontal bullying (or lateral violence). Upward Bullying has not had a light shone on it. This is unfortunate because the results of Upward Bullying include the erosion of the capacity of the target to lead and manage his or her staff, the emergence of significant productivity and performance issues and an unreasonable level of chronic stress for everyone caught up in the culture of blame, harassment and intimidation. Read the article here…

Upward bullies hit their target

Upward bullying in education; what the research is telling us

The schoolyard bully does not necessarily grow out of the habit on reaching adulthood. In fact, research shows that the extent of workplace bullying is comparable to bullying amongst children and adolescents and since the late 1990s, researchers worldwide have shone some light on the existence, extent and ramifications of workplace bullying (Andersson & Pearson, 1999; Kim & Smith, 1993; Leymann, 1996). Hospitals and schools unsurprisingly rank highly in the number of academic studies undertaken to date around bullying in the workplace. Read the article here...